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Training FAQ's

Will I have to travel out of state for training?

All courses will be available in Connecticut through ADACC.  They are also available at events and conferences of the National ADA Network.  Some are available online.  Click here to see the upcoming training classes and to register. 

Do you have to be an ADACC Member to participate in the training?

No, although members do get a discounted rate for training courses.  Additionally, the Connecticut Municipal ADA Coordinator Certification is available only to ADACC members. 

What are the requirements for the Connecticut Municipal ADA Coordinator Certification?

Certification requires the successful completion of the nine courses that provide fundamental knowledge which ADACC offers in four class sessions. These courses are described in this brochure.  Any of the required courses that are approved by the ADA Coordinator Training Certification program for National Certification are accepted for Connecticut Municipal ADA Coordinator Training.​

Is there a time limit to complete certification?

ADACC does not have any time restrictions BUT, the National ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program does require that all training be completed within 3 years.

How long will it take to complete?

That will depend on your availability to attend training.  Our goal is to offer all of the required programs within 3 years.


Can training that I have completed in the past be applied to Certification?

Absolutely.   If you have taken equivalent classes through the national ADA network or at the ADACC annual conference you may submit your certificate for credit towards the Connecticut certification program.


How is this different than National ADA Coordinator Training Certification? Which one should I do?

The National ADA Coordinator Training Certification program is well established, robust and we encourage you to pursue it if possible.  In fact, we align our training with that program so that you will have that option without repeating courses.  But, most of the training does require travel to regional and/or national conferences, putting it out of reach of many.  Our goal is to make training available to all.

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