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Virtual State Conference 2022
Breakout A:  Website & Social Media Accessibility
          Alexa Heinrich, Social Media Expert
          Resource Hub
Breakout B:  The ADA in Outdoor Areas & Recreation 
          Powerpoint from Chicago Parks District
          Adaptive Sailing Program
Breakout C: Unions, Contracts  Accommodating Employees
Breakout D: ADA and Addiction and Recovery
Breakout E:  Overview of the ADA
Breakout F: Breaking the Inclusive Employment Glass Ceiling
          The Beanz & Co Story
          Everyone Belongs

Virtual State Conference 2021
Breakout A:  Service Animals
     Day in the Life of a Service Animal 

Breakout B:  At Your Service: Disability Etiquette
     Powerpoint from the New England ADA Center

Breakout C: ADA in the CT Judicial System
     Powerpoint from the CT Judicial Branch
     ADA and Parks & Rec
Breakout D: ADA Addiction and Recovery
     Powerpoint from New England ADA Center
     Addiction and Recovery Fact Sheets

Breakout F: Covid 19 and the ADA
     What's the World's Religion Teach Applied to Vaccines

     CT Freedom All LLC vs Dept of Education
     Klassen v Trustees of Indiana University


Virtual State Conference 2020
Conference 2020 Breakout Topics and Speaker Bios
Conference 2020 Registration Brochure
Conference 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities 

Click on the 2018 State Conference Speakers below for links to their presentations 
Conference 2018 Brochure
Conference 2018 Summary

Evan Bjorklund
Bill Kilroy of Vispero
Michelle Vincino
Evan Bjorklund
General Counsel
Massachusetts Office on Disability
Is that Dog Really a Service Animal?
Bill Kilroy
Northeast Sales Director
How to Use Tools  and Technology for Accessibility
Michelle Vincino
Customer Relations Manager
Sprint Accessibility/RELAY CT
How to Use Tools and Technology for Accessibility
Laura DeMaio Roy
Laura DeMaio Roy
Certified Guide Dog Trainer
Is that Dog Really a Service Animal?
Ndidi Moses
Kathy Gips
Ndidi Moses, Ass't US Attorney
US Attorney's Office, District of Columbia
Frequently Asked Q & A About the ADA
Kathy Gips
Training Director New England ADA Center
Effective Communication

2019 State Conference 

Matthew Curtin
The Intersection of FMLA, Worker's Comp and the ADA
Kathy Gips 
Training Director for New England ADA Center
An Examination of Disability in CT 
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