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Picture of a man with a guide dog and a man in a wheelchair

The ADA Coalition of Connecticut was formed in 1992 to promote compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act. It is the only organization in the state singularly devoted to educating individuals with disabilities, businesses, and governmental entities about the ADA.


The mission of the Americans with Disabilities Act Coalition of Connecticut (ADACC) is to provide statewide leadership that ensures understanding of and compliance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

This is accomplished through:

  • The development and coordination of information dissemination

  • Training and educational events

  • Other events and activities 

Do you have any questions about how the ADA is structured, what it means, and how it works? Visit the Contacts page. 

ADACC provides information and technical assistance on the ADA to individuals with disabilities and their families, employers, private businesses, state and local government entities, and any member of the public.

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